“The Chubby Ladies reflect our womanhood in a striking manner. We are who we are. Satisfied with how we are and to be accepted as we are” (Carine Huughe).


Veerle De Vos EN

Veerle De Vos (VV) was born on 3 May 1962 and resides at Avelgem (Belgium).

In 1982, she acquired a Bachelor in Psychology and after working for a few years in the World of Education, she completely changed her direction to start a banking and insurance firm with her husband in 1991.

Veerle had absolutely no intention to enter the World of Creativity, but her life made a significant turnaround after a serious fall while cycling in 2004 and she submitted with complete devotion to the “Works of Art”.

This dramatic event gave her even more perseverance and passion in everything that she lays her hands on.

She experiments constantly with materials, colours, shapes and themes. Every year, she interchanges between clay, polyester, precious metals, bronze and the renowned marble from Carrara.

Both, the themes from Veerle’s work as well as the material with which she attempts the broad spectrum of design are very varied. However, we always see that Creation, Life, Humanity and the World are the central points.

Her art works are look and feel objects: touchable and lovable, delicate and vulnerable.

We already see this in her initial work. Her captivating women’s sculptures – the “Chubby Ladies” – and massive Primeval Animals are moulded with passion and embody the origins of fertility. These figures are deliberately not in a perfect shape but symbolize that the essence and purity of beauty hide in the soul.

Veerle started exhibitions from 2007. Her principal exhibitions are: Buren bij Kunstenaars (Neighbours with Artists), Xenses Casino Knokke, the Biennial ClassicA Kortrijk, Sfeer Flanders Expo Gent (Mood Flanders Expo Gent), Eccentric Casino Knokke and Art Nocturne Knocke.

Very recently, her creativity also reflects in sculptures made in life-size model. The bronze divers illustrate the sporty resilience of the body; the yoga positions show the spiritual balance between body, mind and soul.

Works of Art is a continuous journey of exploration for VV, a dynamic development to new starting points and stages in order to expand her universe of creations.

However, the intrinsic core of her work remains the primacy of the Earth with Man and Animals being central in this wondrous world.

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